Abdominal Surgery PAin

Abdominal surgery sometimes leads to nerve pain if the pelvic nerves have been damaged. Appendectomy, gynecological surgery or some types of hernia repair can cause this issue.

Why does this happen?

The pelvic nerves (ilio-hypogastric and ilio-inguinal nerves) are often directly in the path of the surgeon. It’s a tricky procedure, because the locations of these nerves can vary from person to person.

What causes the pain?

The pelvic nerves may be cut or nicked, but sometimes the nerves are simply stretched during the procedure. Additionally, sutures, staples, or mesh can compress the nerves and lead to pelvic nerve pain.

What might treatment include?

Medication would be the first approach, but nerve blocks may also be used. It’s important to react quickly if you are experiencing issues after a hernia repair or abdominal procedure. Quick intervention is key to best controlling pain.

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