cancer pain

Unfortunately, pain can be a major side effect of cancer, and also of cancer treatments. Many cancer patients do not realize that relief is possible from cancer pain.

What are common types of cancer pain?

Symptoms of cancer pain vary depending on the type of cancer and the treatment a patient is receiving. Some experience muscle aches and pains, others abdominal pain and nausea, and still others jaw pain and headaches. Pain levels can change throughout the day, and can last for varying amounts of time.

What causes the pain?

Chemotherapy drugs, nerve damage, and cancer itself can all cause pain. In some cases, a tumor presses on surrounding structures, causing pain. Others experience pain as a side effect of treatment.

How is Cancer Pain Treated?

Dr. Joyal will work with your oncologist to determine safe and effective therapies to reduce pain and discomfort caused by cancer and cancer treatment.

Effects of Cancer

  • compression fractures
  • pathologic fractures
  • nerve compression/entrapment

Effects of Treatment

  • radiation-induced neuropathy
  • chemotherapy-induced neuropathy

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