Joint injections are a common and reliable option for reducing pain and inflammation in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, and ankle joints.


Getting a shot of corticosteroids directly into a sore joint can relieve pain. If you’re experiencing pain from inflammation, such as heat, redness, and swelling, an injection may be effective for your condition. Complications from joint injections are rare, though infection can occur.

what is the procedure like?

Dr. Joyal will first clean the injection area. Then he’ll inject a local anesthetic. Once that takes effect, Dr. Joyal will insert the needle that contains the anti-inflammatory solution. He will sometimes use ultrasound or x-ray guidance to make sure the injection is administered accurately. Patients can return home shortly after the procedure.

After care

Patients may experience an immediate, significant reduction of pain symptoms. As the steroids take affect over the proceeding days, pain will decrease. Benefits can last anywhere from days to several months. Dr. Joyal will provide specific instructions for after care.

Bursa Injections

Bursae are gel-filled sacs located at joints. They help the muscles and tendons glide over bones. When a bursa gets swollen, it can be painful (bursitis). A steroid medication injected into the the affected joint can reduce inflammation and pain.

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