Neck Pain

The neck, the upper part of the spine (called the cervical spine), is supported by a complex system of muscles, nerves, joints, and more. Neck pain is the result of problems with any part of this system.

At what point should I go see a pain specialist?

Neck pain can result in low range-of-motion and loss of function. The pain may last for a long period of time, or may be sharp, even electric feeling. If you’re missing out on activities because of neck pain, come see Dr. Joyal.

Can neck pain spread to other parts of the body?

Yes. Neck pain can cause pain that travels down to the shoulders, arms, and fingers. It also can cause terrible headaches.

How is neck pain Treated?

Treatment for neck pain depends on the underlying cause. Conservative treatment is generally the first approach. Rest, ice, and possible a neck brace may be recommended. Steroid injections or medications would be used if the pain persists.

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