ReActiv8 Restorative Neurostimulation

ReActiv8 is a new rehabilitative therapy that stimulates the nerves of the muscle directly responsible for stabilizing your lumbar spine. The therapy can interrupt your low back’s cycle of pain, degeneration, and loss of function. The ReActiv8 System is an implantable neurostimulation system proven to restore muscle control of the lumbar spine for improved low back pain management.

During a minimally-invasive procedure, your physician will implant the ReActiv8 system in your lower back. Two electrical leads are positioned to stimulate the nerves that control your multifidus muscle, a stabilizing muscle in your lower back. The leads are connected to the implantable pulse generator which is placed just under the skin in the upper buttock or lower back area.

Patients are discharged home after a brief observation period. Two weeks post procedure, you simply use a remote linked to your ReActiv8 system to start your therapy session — then lie down and relax. You will do this twice a day. For each 30-minute session, ReActiv8 generates painless electrical pulses that cause your multifidus muscle to contract and relax.

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ReActiv8 Patient Education Webinar - July 2023 (Dr. Jeremy Joyal & Patient Dave)

ReActiv8 Implant Procedure

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