Low Back Pain

Back pain is second only to the common cold for reasons why people go to a doctor. Low back pain can be chronic, meaning long-term, or it can be acute, or short-term.

What are symptoms to watch for?

Back pain comes in many varieties. Some experience sharp and shock-like pain, while others have the awful dull ache that lasts for days. Back pain is also often accompanied by leg numbness, muscle spasms, decreased mobility and function, and tightness.

When should I come see Dr. Joyal?

If your back pain persists more than three months, it’s time to come see a back pain specialist like Dr. Joyal. He can determine the cause of the pain and the appropriate solution.

How is Lower Back Pain Treated?

Back pain requires a careful and personalized treatment approach if it is to be successful. For some, rest, along with hot and cold compresses can be enough. Nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablation, nerve stimulation, and more are avilalable as minimally invasive options for treatment more severe low back pain.

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