Pain Pump Implant

More formally called an intrathecal pain pump, this implanted device delivers medications directly to the spinal cord, interrupting pain signals to the brain.


When oral medications and other strategies haven’t sufficiently reduced pain levels, this may be a good option. An important advantage of pain pump implants is that because the medication delivery is so targeted, a lower dose can be used. Many with pumps experience significant improvement in regular daily function, because of consistent pain relief.

what is the procedure like?

After applying local or general anesthesia, Dr. Joyal will insert a thin tube into the area around the spinal cord known as the intrathecal space. A small pump is then placed in the front of the body, usually in the abdomen, and the pump is connected to the catheter. Dr. Joyal then injects medication into a reservoir in the pump.

After care

The medication reservoir will need to be refilled about once a month, through injection. The pump will be individually programmed to fit each patient’s individual needs, delivering the appropriate amount of pain medication.

Get back to living

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