peripheral nerve block

Peripheral nerve blocks can be used to help reduce pain in a specific area of the body, by injecting local numbing medicine around the nerves where the pain occurs.

WHO SHOULD CONSIDER a peripheral nerve block?

Reducing your pain levels can lessen the stress on your body, which helps your body recover from injury quicker. Peripheral nerve blocks can be used in the neck, knee, sciatic nerve, back, and more. Nerve blocks are most effective when a small number of nerves, or single nerve, is causing the pain.

what is the procedure like?

Medication can be delivered a few ways to the targeted area. A needle can be used, or a catheter can be used to deliver the medicine at intervals. Steroid injections, local anesthetics, and opioids are medication options Dr. Joyal may recommend.

After care

Pain relief from a nerve block is usually immediate. How long that pain relief lasts varies from patient to patient. Dr. Joyal may recommend that certain patients receive follow-up injections.

Get back to living

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