chronic post-operative pain

Chronic postoperative pain affects millions of people, and is the source of much pain and suffering. Operations that result in postoperative pain with the highest incidence are amputations, thoracotomies, cardiac surgery, and breast surgery.

How Do I Know if It’s Chronic Post-Operation Pain (CPOP)?

To be diagnosed with chronic postoperative pain (CPOP), the pain will have developed after surgery, and will have lasted at least several months, significantly affecting your quality of life. Other causes for the pain will have been excluded.

What Surgeries lead to CPOP?

In addition to amputations, thoracotomies, cardiac surgery, and breast surgery, abdominal surgery, hernia repair, and hysterectomy often lead to chronic post surgical pain.

What are risk factors for developing CPOP?

The type of surgery is a main risk factor for developing chronic pain following a surgery. Other risk factors include preoperative pain, psychological factors like anxiety and depression, and gender. Females and younger people are more likely to develop CPOP.


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