Your Visit

Whether visiting Advanced Spine and Pain for an initial evaluation or a procedure, it is important that you are prepared. This ensures that our providers and staff can efficiently, effectively, and safely provide you with the most comprehensive care.


Arrive 30 minutes early

Bring a complete medication list, including dosage

Bring imaging or have imaging transferred in advance

Have procedure history (i.e. injections, ablations, implants, etc.) transferred in advance

Provide proof of insurance, photo ID, and payment (due at time of service)

Please note, no opioids will be prescribed at an initial encounter, and any patient receiving Schedule II narcotics must be seen at the clinic on a routine basis.


Wear loose clothing

Remove any jewelry or metal in the area being treated

Advise clinic staff of BLOOD THINNER or ANTIBIOTIC use

Arrange for transportation from a responsible driver

Avoid driving for 24 hours following most procedures

Fast from solids and liquids for 8 hours prior to appointment time

Clear liquids (water, juices without pulp, and black coffee) can be consumed up until four hours before appointment time

Most procedures require prior authorization for insurance approval. Authorization is initiated following initial evaluation.

Get back to living.

Live life more freely, and reduce your reliance on medication.

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